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The Process of Vastu Consultation

Vastu Process: In surrounding consultation, the surrounding of Vastu(Building,Plot,Farm etc.), the energy points, locations of bad sectors below the ground and negative/possitive locations are detected by our Expertise with the help of instruments like LECHER ANTENNA & E.M.F.METER.
After the detailed analysis, we provide a simple and manageable layout which allows you to balance the energy and vibrations in your chosen location(it could be your house/office or sometimes even temple). Our intended focus on the use of colours, shapes and objects help you to enhance your premises for better results in terms of prosperity, growth, harmony and peace.
In a result your premises(home/office etc.) will not only look like 'Professionally Designed' but the atmosphere within it will be nurturing and favourable. It will make you feel more natural.It helps to bring more happiness and success into your life.