Geo Pathy

The sites where harmful radiation occurs are called geopathogenic or disrupted zones. They are created on the one hand by energy nets or grids and on the other hand by water streams and landslides, as well as underground water ducts in combination with the grids. The networks, which are called global grids, are formed by the energy field of the earth and emit their radiation from the inner core of the earth towards the atmosphere. The emitted rays that are harmful to the health are detected in the form of energy walls.
The rays of the various zones of geopathic stress differ among themselves as to their intensity. In addition, the strength of these rays depends on the time of day, the season and the weather conditions, since the solar radiation weakens them. When the weather is clear, the geopathogenic rays during the day have only one third of their usual strength. However, even this weakened radiation is bad for human health. Since geopathologists do not work during the night, they do not measure the basic strength of the radiation.