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Advise on House - According to Vastushastra ( Confirm the directions by Magnetic compass only. )
  • Plot of the house should square or rectangular only.
  • The length of the plot should be 1.5 times of the width is the best or it may be less but more is not good.
  • Length is good if it is South-North direction.
  • Plot-level of the floor should be sloping on North or East direction. A slope of plots towards South or West direction is not accepted at any cost.
  • The main entrance gate is allowed on any direction. Except south-west direction. Don’t choose on South-west side. (THE AREA BETWEEN SOUTH & WEST) The 4th part out of 9 parts is the best on any direction.
    Part should be count clockwise. it means from noth-east to south-east, fot east side door. or from south-west to north-west, for south side door.
    south door is also allowed in original vastushastra books. it is not rejected.