About Us

Dr. Dilip Nahar Our Prime Mentor: Dr. Dilip Nahar
He is a Professional vastu consultant, practicing vastu shastra since last 18 years. He provides authentic, professional vastu & Geo-Pathy consultancy to Corporate Houses/Offices with the help of advanced scienific devices.
His services primarily target mainstream Houses, Offices, Industries Plants, Commercial Areas & Plots.
Currently he is located in Pune, Maharsatra(India).

His high commitments to clients and highly skilled services makes him very popular in this field.

Why to Choose Nahar Vastu?

Vastu Consultation - Surrounding
  • During the surrounding Consultation, the energy points, locations of bad sectors below the ground and negative/possitive locations are detected using LECHER ANTENNA & E.M.F.METER. by our Expertise
  • After detailed analysis, we provide a simple and manageable layout that will allow you to balance the energy and vibrations in your office/home.
  • Our higer significace on the use of colours, shape, and objects also helps you to enhance your premises for better result in terms of prosperity, growth, harmony, and peace.
  • Your premises will not only look like Professionally designed but the atmosphere within it will be nurturing and favourable.
  • It will make you feel more natural and will help to bring more happiness and success into your life.

Vastu Alignment & Practices
  • DR.DILIP NAHAR is a professional vastu practitioners. His practices are targated at careful analysis and providing intuitive solutions.
  • These solutions/adjustments sometimes can be remarkably obvious and subtle.
  • Realignment and adjustment of Vastu can re-distribute the energy in home/offices and help you to achieve your goals.
  • By seeing deep into your life and analysing it, would help to bring disparate elements into closer harmony.

  • A comprehensive vastu consultation and the solutions provided by us can liberate much energy.
  • The power of vastu become your personal power, the power of possibilities.
  • The ultimate results of Vastu will help you acquiring your life mission by changing your thoughts, actions for betterment in terms of health, wealth, peace, and prosperity as well.

Personal Consultation (Site Visit)
  • In case of site visit, Dr. Dilip Nahar personally visit your site and prepare a detailed explanatory report
  • If you are planning to built a new site or renovating the existing one it is right time to consult him for vastu shastra implementation and its remedies.